We're called Rewind,
but it's really all about PLAY.

We’re here to inject some fun and funk into the cannabis industry! That shouldn’t be a mind-blowing idea, but it seems that the CBD world’s trying so hard to be stale. Trying to fit in. Trying not to make waves. Welp. Not at Rewind. We’re tired of boring tinctures and capsules, so we’re bringing some old-school style and kickin’ in the door of this cannabis club. We’re crankin’ it up, throwin’ it back, and pumpin’ up the jams AND the flaver!

This stuff is DOPE.


At Rewind, it’s our mission to bring back a sense of fun and playfulness to the cannabis industry. After all, if life isn’t fun every once in a while, what the heck are we DOING here?!? We inject that philosophy in every product we make, and we love every second of it.


Remember when you were just a kiddo, and snaggin’ that piece of candy was like the best friggin’ thing that could happen in your world? Well, Rewind products are designed to bring you back to those simpler days with flavors and experiences you loved.


Yeah, our stuff is fun, funky, and delicious. But at the end of the day, that's only part of what it's all about. Cannabis products need to work. Ours do. Like, SUPER-DUPER well! We know this because we use some WEIRD NANO SCIENCE in the lab!