Rewind Labs is flippin’ the script and throwin’ it back to the ol’ school with retro cannabis candy and snacks. We’re remixin’ the sweet stuff we all remember from back-in-the-day, but now packed with the good stuff we love for today.

We’re rockin’, pop lockin’, tongue shockin’ and rad while those sucka’ THC MCs are so sad – with just flower, and gummies, and -oh gawd I’m asleep! So boring they all are, while yo –  OUR stuff is SWEET


It’s, like, TOTALLY our thing.
We make radical, retro throwback candies like you remember from back-in-the-day. But, you know… With some extra fun adult stuff thrown in.


Our mixes are DOPE. We’re like what would happen if Doc Brown, Willy Wonka, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Jerry Garcia all got together and started a massive side hustle.


We’re old-school, proud, retro and loud. At Rewind Labs, we’re all about havin’ a blast! So men, throw on some high-tops. Ladies, crimp that hair. Cuz tonight we’re gunna party like its 1989.

Hey! Are you over 21?

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